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Aug 10, 2017 | Customer Loyalty News

Thanx Exclusive Deals: Sell goods and services from within your loyalty app

Thanx Exclusive Deals turns your loyalty app into another revenue stream for your business by giving you tools you need to sell goods and services from within Thanx. 

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Jul 26, 2017 | Evaluating Customer Loyalty Programs | Why Thanx

Building Customer Loyalty in 5 Simple Steps: Presentation Recap

From collecting better data to speaking to your customers in ways that resonate, there are many different steps businesses can take to build loyalty among their customer base.

Thanx teamed up with Main Street Hub to bring merchants more information on ways they can build customer loyalty — combining our expertise in loyalty, data, and social media, we covered a ton of ground in the 45-minute webinar. Here's a recap for those of you who missed it. 

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Jul 11, 2017 | Evaluating Customer Loyalty Programs | Why Thanx | building loyalty

Apple Pay + Thanx: Seamless Customer Experience


Thanx has always worked with Apple Pay automatically— no additional integrations required. Here's why we believe that customers should be given options for how to pay when it comes to loyalty programs — and why successful loyalty programs MUST work flawlessly with Apple Pay. 
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Jun 21, 2017 | Evaluating Customer Loyalty Programs | Why Thanx | building loyalty

The Punch Card Problem: How your loyalty program is hurting your VIP customers

Punch cards might drive increased visits — but if you don't know who your best customers are, you're doing damage to your brand long-term. A great loyalty program should not only drive increased visits, but give you a way to connect with your customers directly.

Your loyalty program should do more than track and accrue your customer's loyalty points... modern, data-driven loyalty programs are the future of business intelligence for brick-and-mortar businesses. Here's why punch cards fall short when it comes to identifying and rewarding your best customers. 
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Jun 16, 2017 | Customer Retention Strategies That Work

Choosing a Loyalty Program: Why Loyalty Matters for Convenience Store Brands

As convenience stores become more data-driven, the challenge of understanding and influencing customer behavior has been the toughest to crack: from the pump, to the carwash, to the convenience store, it becomes imperative to weave a common thread between many discrete transactions that happen within the same property. For this reason, most loyalty programs fail when it comes to driving real value for c-stores. 

Thanx closes the data loop for convenience stores, seamlessly linking cross-property transactions and making it easy for c-store operators to track and influence customer behavior. Read on for a few key takeaways from one of our convenience store merchants on why they selected Thanx as their loyalty provider.

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Apr 25, 2017 | Customer Loyalty Research

Push Notifications vs. Email: What's better for reaching customers?

Your customers are smartphone users. What's the best way to reach them on their phones? While email is increasingly opened up on mobile devices, and brands can communicate via text, it's push notifications that drive the most engagement.

Merchants leverage technology to communicate with their customers in myriad ways — email, text, and social media are typical approaches for a digital-savvy marketer. However, as consumers become desensitized to brand outreach, there's one method that continues to cut through the noise and drive transactions and engagement: push notifications. Sending relevant push notifications is a great way to drive engagement and delight with your customers. Read on to learn exactly how to use this highly lucrative communication channel. 

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Apr 24, 2017 | Customer Retention Strategies That Work

Guide to Restaurant Loyalty Technology — How to choose a loyalty program

Loyalty programs can operate as the central nervous system for your brand — collecting data, automating marketing, and gauging customer satisfaction. With so many different types of loyalty programs out there, how do you decide which platform is right for your brand? Consider these four points as you narrow down your restaurant's loyalty technology search.


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Apr 21, 2017 | Customer Retention Strategies That Work

Dining in is dying because delivery is killing it

Food delivery represents a $210b market, and restaurants are scrambling to be a part of it — often to their own detriment. Facing eroding margins, food quality issues, and high fees, restaurants are fighting the shortcomings of delivery to stay profitable. To compete with delivery, restaurant brands must effectively incentivize customers to stay loyalty to the restaurant themselves — not the ordering platform. Here's why restaurants are turning to modern loyalty programs to help them achieve that goal while driving incremental revenue.

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Apr 20, 2017 | Evaluating Customer Loyalty Programs | Why Thanx | building loyalty

What a great loyalty program can teach you about your customers

Loyalty programs typically operate with the goal of driving increased frequency from your customers. But as technology progresses, best-in-class loyalty programs can actually become your best source of business intelligence.

Customer loyalty isn't just about punch cards — more sophisticated programs are taking their place. Unprecedented amounts of data are now available to brick-and-mortar businesses. Restaurants, car washes, entertainment centers, and bakeries are all joining the data revolution, using digital loyalty programs to gather vital customer intel. What type of "intel" exactly, you ask? Read on to see how modern loyalty programs are driving a deeper understanding of customers and their behavior for previously underserved industries.
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Apr 19, 2017 | Customer Retention Strategies That Work

Top Ways to Get More Customers In Your Loyalty Program

You can't have a successful loyalty program without a ton of customers! Here's how to make sure your loyalty program can attract — and keep — customers.

Prioritizing customer signups is the number one way to drive ROI and reap the full value of your loyalty program. With more customers enrolled, you get more data to execute personalized marketing, which drastically increases overall engagement and sales. 

Below are the most powerful ways to get more customers enrolled in your loyalty program.  

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