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Building a Restaurant Culture Around Loyalty

Michelle Wohl — VP Marketing @ Thanx by  Michelle Wohl — VP Marketing @ Thanx

Building customer loyalty is about more than your loyalty program... it's about creating a company culture that celebrates customers. Here's how brands have put their customers at the heart of their brand mission. 


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The case for a customer-first culture

Culture and branding have been on my mind since attending MUFSO in Dallas a few months ago. In his 2016 Operator of the Year acceptance speech, Greg Flynn — the Founder and CEO of Flynn Restaurant Group — defined culture as the "body of shared beliefs that translate to action." He repeatedly emphasized that a strong culture is both something to aspire to, but also something that must be actively worked at.

Leading hospitality brands have customer centricity at the heart of their culture — a mentality they have worked hard to instil in executives and frontline staff alike. Certainly every customer is incredibly important to a brand — but focus must be placed on the very top customers who drive the vast majority of the revenue. The shared belief, and one that is backed by data, is that happy customers will visit more often and spend more than other customers. The action that should be taken by employees as a result of this belief is to strive to ensure customer happiness in quality, service and all customer-focused programs.

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