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The 2015 Inaugural Thanx Awards

Caroline – Merchant Success at Thanx by  Caroline – Merchant Success at Thanx

As the new year starts, it's time to appreciate what brought us joy in 2014. Custom says to have a glass of something nice in one hand, and a cookie in the other – please arm yourself accordingly. 


In order to express our appreciation, our society often uses the New Year to reward those who have exhibited excellence. This includes excellence in football (go Marcus Mariota!), in film, and now in customer loyalty. At Thanx, we love helping businesses identify and engage their most excellent customers all year long. This helps merchants ensure that loyal customers know they are appreciated – and keep coming back in the door. 

As the year comes to a close, we have been reflecting on how these important customers have exhibited excellence at the businesses that they love the most.  So it is with great pleasure and excitement that I announce our Inaugural Thanx Awards winners. Commence drumroll….

Winner #1- The Big Spender 

2014’s Big Spender Award goes to Lo from Oregon.  Lo appreciates a beautiful paint job and a merchant who rewards loyal customers, so he frequently heads to Miller Paint. In fact, Lo values Miller Paint so much that it is the only place he goes when he needs hardware supplies or a fresh coat of paint for his house.  In the year that Lo has been shopping at Miller, he has spent enough to pay for a new car. 

However, Lo doesn’t just spend money at Miller, he gets some back too. While Lo may have spent enough money to pay my rent for at least a year (while we are on the subject, I'm open to a conversation?), he has also earned nineteen 20%-off rewards! Miller Paint truly knows how to say Thanx to their loyal customers, and keep them coming in the door all year around. Congratulations to Lo and to Miller Paint!  

Winner #2- The Frequent Thanx-er

In the time it will take you to read this sentence, the winner of our Frequent Thanx-er Award will have made 3 purchases at the Kolache Factory.

Ok, maybe all the holiday spirit has made me exaggerate, but not by much. Paula, our official winner of the Frequent Thanx-er Award, has ordered kolaches nearly every single day in the past year. This may sound excessive, but that is probably because you don't know that a kolache is a freshly baked pastry often filled with cheese, sausage, or fruit. They are delicious, warm, and when you get them at the Kolache Factory, they are made daily with the freshest ingredients. Think about it like this: every 24 hours that pass, another day goes by…and Paula goes to the Kolache Factory again. 

We are thrilled to grant the Frequent Thanx-er Award to Paula, as she epitomizes what it means to be a loyal customer. She loves the Kolache Factory, and loves to get that buzz on her phone updating her on her rewards progress. It is always a joy to eat a delicious kolache, but it tastes even better when you earn money back while doing it.

Winner #3- The Super Saver

At Thanx, we love earning rewards (and awards) and saving money. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that I grant Steve, from my home state of North Carolina, the prestigious Super Saver Award!

Steve loves The Chop House: with its delicious steaks and fresh seafood, it is almost impossible not to. The love affair is reciprocal, and The Chop House shows its appreciation to loyal customers like Steve by granting some pretty enticing rewards. Steve has earned enough money back to pay for a round-trip ticket to Europe or, if Steve is the altruistic type, to pay for his entire family’s holiday gifts and then take them out to a nice dinner at The Chop House.  

Goodbye 2014!

We want to say a sincere Thanx to Lo, Paula, Steve, and to all of the amazing customers and businesses who have made this year great. It has truly been a wonderful 2014, and every single Thanx customer and merchant has contributed to that. So, raise your cookie and glass to a great 2014, and to an even better (and reward-filled) 2015!


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