Dec 23, 2016 | Customer Retention Strategies That Work

Building a Restaurant Culture Around Loyalty

Building customer loyalty is about more than your loyalty program... it's about creating a company culture that celebrates customers. Here's how brands have put their customers at the heart of their brand mission. 

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Dec 16, 2016 | Customer Retention Strategies That Work

Five Steps to Building a Loyalty Program that Drives Revenue

Your loyalty program can be the backbone of your data collection, your customer outreach, and your marketing efforts. When executed well, it can also be an enormous profit-driver for your restaurant. Below are five loyalty program best practices that drive revenue by delighting your customers. 

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Sep 7, 2016 | Customer Retention Strategies That Work

How Fine Dining Can Beat Fast & Cheap

When it comes to customer loyalty, fast casual & quick service restaurants pull out all the stops to keep their customers coming back (while gathering valuable customer data). Here's how Fine Dining restaurants can engage their customers, start collecting meaningful guest data, and do it all without compromising their elevated experience. 

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Jan 25, 2016 | Customer Retention Strategies That Work

The Car Wash Project Management Triangle

The Car Wash Project Management Triangle (PMT) explains how to balance operational efficiency and customer service to earn max profits. 

Over the past few months, I’ve spoken with hundreds of car wash owners and operators around the country. I mean literally, hundreds, to learn everything I can about how car washes interact with their customers — how to get more customers, keep customers, find customers, and, ultimately, sell more car washes.

Rather than keep all this knowledge bottled up in my brain, figured it would be interesting to compile the key obersvations in one place. 

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Jan 18, 2016 | Customer Retention Strategies That Work

Where “Customer Loyalty” Stands Today

"Customer loyalty” suffers from an identity crisis. Let's take a moment to straighten everything out. 

Whether it’s a restaurant buying better meat to improve quality, or a car wash purchasing top-of-the-line equipment to improve satisfaction — every business decision is motivated by making customers more loyal. However,
  • If you polled 100 business owners and asked, “Do you care about loyalty?”, only 95%+ would agree, “Yes.” We should see 100% consensus.
  • If you asked these same business owners, “Do you care about retention marketing?”, maybe 60% would agree “Yes.” Should be 100% consensus.
  • If you further narrowed the question to, “Do you care about loyalty programs?”, you might see 30% in agreement. And yes, consensus here should also be 100%.
There's only one conclusion we can draw from the above — “customer loyalty” suffers from an identity crisis.
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Jan 7, 2016 | Customer Retention Strategies That Work

5 Simple Ways to Get More Customers In Your Loyalty Program

The most successful loyalty programs all have one thing in common: a ton of customers!

Prioritizing customer signups is the number one way to drive ROI and reap the full value of retention and loyalty marketing. With more customers enrolled, you get more data to execute personalized marketing, which drastically increases overall engagement and sales. 

Below are the five easiest, most powerful ways to get more customers and drastically increase your subscriber base.   

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Dec 5, 2015 | Customer Retention Strategies That Work

How to Prevent Marketing Failure — Classroom Session

In this four minute video, Thanx CEO Zach Goldstein explains how to eliminate marketing failure — including 4 best practices to ensure the highest customer retention rates possible.  

Marketing, at its core, is about one thing: customer engagement. Every single piece of marketing has the goal of producing a new, desired customer behavior. 

However, most customer engagement strategies need significant improvement — 58% of marketing programs aimed at increasing customer loyalty fail. To that end, we put together a brief video explaining exactly how to prevent marketing program failure. By implementing the 4 best practices outlined by Thanx CEO Zach Goldstein, brands will see increased customer retention rates, sales, and satisfaction.

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Aug 31, 2015 | Customer Retention Strategies That Work

Car Wash Advertising Has To Be Customer First

Customer responsibility instruction signs are an incredibly common form of car wash advertising. As such, let's investigate how (and why) to make them effective.

This post isn’t so much about car wash signs as it is about customer messaging — with car wash responsibility instruction signs demonstrating an excellent example of a common communication device that could be executed far more effectively. How so, you ask?

Well, when you are trying to arouse action out of consumers, you can go about it in several ways. Customer responsibility instruction signs like the one below hope to achieve specific changes in customer behavior via the most direct path possible: dogmatic directions. This method can work, certainly, but let’s think about this from a customer’s perspective. When a “Customer Responsibilities” sign forces readers to consider why a car wash is instructing them to do something, it creates extra effort for customers — which is never a good (ahem) sign. 

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Aug 12, 2015 | Customer Retention Strategies That Work

Top Car Wash Tips To Get Customers' Engines Revving

Making mobile marketing work at a car wash is now within reach. Here are the top marketing car wash tips to improve customer relations and drive sales results.

For any car wash business operator, one of the biggest frustrations is how building personal relationships with a handful of customers seems imminently possible, but buildilng similar connections with all customers seems near impossible.

The reality is that customer relationships are complicated. It’s not like the old days, when heading to the car wash was somewhat of a fun outing with the kids or a laugh with friends. Nowadays, car wash owners are vying for the attention of their customers in a much different world — a mobile world. And though it might seem like an intimidating world of technology out there, with customers spending 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on their phones, a better strategy is to embrance new tech for the amazing opportunity it can be. Let’s look at how to make the car wash experience fun and engaging again, but through the medium that has everyone glued — mobile!

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Jul 10, 2015 | Customer Retention Strategies That Work

Fine Dining Restaurants– Let's Talk Marketing Data

In today's world – food, retail, finance, baseball, whatever – there's no more valuable asset than data. Fine dining restaurants, of course, are no different – as long as they're doing data right. 

A year or so ago, I went to Ravinia (upscale outdoor picnic/concert venue outside Chicago, highly recommended) with a bunch of my "foodie" friends. One by one, folks arrived brandishing amazing bottle of wine after amazing bottle of wine; scrumptious dish after scrumptious dish. All was well, but we were without a BIG winner until my friend Jeff showed up. Jeff has zero gourmet tastes, but HE remembered to bring the opener.

I bring this up because of what's happening right now to fine dining brands and their marketing teams across the country. When it comes to marketing data, some restaurants have the wine. Some have the opener. But having one without the other simply does not work.

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